Summer Camps

Camp Aldersgate’s Summer Camps serve children with medical, physical and developmental needs. Camp offers traditional summer camp activities such as campfires and singing, canoeing, fishing, arts and crafts, swimming, and nature hikes. Like all kids, our campers want new and exciting adventures. With this in mind, activities are developed that provide for that personal challenge. Some include: an accessible challenge ropes course and carousel, adapted archery and SCUBA diving. It’s about creating opportunities for individual accomplishment in a positive and encouraging environment. Parents continually report increased independence, self-esteem, and social interactions following a week at camp.

During the Summer Camps program, campers stay overnight from Sunday to Friday and are provided the highest quality of care by Camp Aldersgate's counselors, staff, volunteers, nurses and volunteer physicians. 

Summer Medical Camps

There are five sessions dedicated to children diagnosed with specific medical conditions including muscular dystrophy, spina bifida, diabetes, heart conditions, arthritis, kidney disorders, cancer, bleeding disorders, and asthma. The program works in partnership with local health agencies who help recruit the campers and provide partial funding, as well as MedCamps of Arkansas, Inc., a not-for-profit project of the Arkansas Chapter of The American Academy of Pediatrics, who provide volunteer physicians for each week of camp, reviews all medical policies and procedures, and provides partial funding. Our unique partnership with Arkansas Children’s Hospital plays a large part in helping Camp Aldersgate’s campers. Arkansas Children’s Hospital encourages its nursing and medical staff to volunteer at Camp to support the staffing needs of Camp’s programs. Camp Aldersgate provides the site, the staff, the program structure and funding.


Kota Camps

There are two Kota Camp summer sessions for campers with various disabilities (primarily those not covered by a Summer Medical Camp) and his or her non-disabled sibling or friend. These camps are named for the Quapaw Native American word for "friend." Campers with disabilities participate with a brother, sister or friend. Kota Camps are inclusive camping experiences for campers with and without medical conditions and/or disabilities. These camps are available for children ages 6 to 18, and we encourage campers to attend with a friend or sibling. Kota Camps are offered as a week-long camp twice during the summer, as well as a weekend camping experience twice during the school year.


2017 Summer Medical Camp registration is open! Below please find the camper application that corresponds to your child's needs. Completed applications can be mailed back to ATTN: Camper Applications, 2000 Aldersgate Rd, Little Rock, AR 72205 or via email to Barbara Lyle at [email protected]. Only campers with completed applications will be considered for registration.

As Camp Aldersgate places campers, we will mail acceptance packets with more information on the camping program, specific dates and times of arrival, and check-in information. Eligible returning campers will receive their application packet in the mail. Any applicants who do not have access to a printer or need a copy of the application mailed to you, please contact Camp at 501.225.1444. All campers who do not qualify for a medical specific camp should apply for a Kota Camp or Weekend Camp session!

To view the 2017 Summer Camps calendar, please click here.

2017 Arthritis Camp Application

2017 Asthma Camp Application

2017 Bleeding Disorders Camp Application

2017 Cardiac Camp Application

2017 Diabetes Camp Application

2017 Kidney Camp Application

2017 Kota Camp Application

2017 Oncology Camp Application


If you have any questions, please contact Ali Miller Berry, Director of Programs, via email or phone at 501.225.1444.

Summer Camp Counselors and Volunteers

Information regarding new Summer Camp Counselors and new or returning Summer Camp Volunteers can be found here.