Weekend Camps

Camp Aldersgate’s Weekend Camps provide developmentally appropriate opportunities for our campers that promote cognitive, physical, social and emotional growth in a fun, engaging, camp setting.

Weekend Camps are offered in three "trails" geared toward each campers' strengths and needs: Adventure, Explore and Discover. Each trail has its own emphasis of skills and areas to work on. Trails are complementary, rather than progressive, with each one encompassing a complete camp experience. Some campers may follow one trail throughout their time at camp; others may switch trails in order to build on different skill areas; both will be successful experiences. The goal is not to experience all three trails, but rather to identify strengths and develop the skills that will be the most beneficial to the individual camper.

Activity planning for each weekend will include a mix of physical activities, art, outdoor activities and structured-play and free-play. Program quality assurance is maintained through the use of intentional camper placement and consistent review. This process ensures that each camper is on the most appropriate trail and that activities remain beneficial and engaging.

Campers on the Adventure Trail will focus on gaining independence through trying new things, being away from home, experiencing new people, and adapting to new settings. On this trail, campers will be encouraged to complete as much as they can, as independently as possible. The goal of the Adventure Trail is for campers to successfully gain skills that will help them enjoy themselves and become less dependent upon their typical caregivers.

The Explore Trail will focus on gaining self-esteem and confidence through navigating new experiences. On this trail, which is based on the proven link between positive self-esteem and the acquisition of new skills, campers reinforce what has already been accomplished, while developing new skills.

The goal of the Discover Trail is to foster self-discovery, leadership and teamwork in each of our campers. Campers on this trail will be asked to discover more about themselves, find their individual voices, recognize their strengths, and serve as leaders amongst their peers.            



After continuously being faced with difficulties from the administrative and registration sides of our current online system, Camp Aldersgate has decided it is best to disable our current online registration system. We are in the process of working with professionals to develop a more appropriate online system for our unique needs as a Camp, but in the meantime we are going back to what we know works: paper applications. We have developed a streamlined process for all campers to get registered for the remaining Kota and Weekend Camps without too much hassle.            


Kota Camps are inclusive camping experiences for campers with and without medical conditions and/or disabilities. These camps are available for children ages 6 – 18, and we encourage campers to attend with a friend or a sibling.

Weekend Camps serve campers with special needs who fall within the age range of 6 – 18 and who meet one of the following criteria:

  • Eligible for one of the summer medical camps (with exception of increased medical needs: respiratory technology, nurse dependent dialysis, diabetes, and mild-to-moderate Asthma diagnosis).
  • Receives special education and “related services” in the school setting to increase academic achievement and functional performance.
  • Requires use of assistive devices and adaptations to complete Activities of Daily Living (ADLs).

Our Weekend Camps are open for each camper to attend a maximum of 6 times in a school year. Also, our Weekend Camps are divided by Trails. If you do not remember the Trail that your camper falls into, please complete the Weekend Camp Trail Guide. The Trail that has the most checks will be the Trail associated with the camps in which your camper will be placed to ensure the best opportunities for their individual growth and experiences.

Registration process

Returning Campers - If you have completed an application for 2017 Summer Camps, please fill out the 2017 Returning Weekend Camp form and return them to Camp via mail, email or fax as soon as possible. Our staff will confirm your camper's placement and send you information regarding arrival times and tuition fees at that time.

New Campers - To begin registering for the 2017-2018 Weekend Camps, please fill out the Weekend Camp Application and return these forms along with your completed 2017 Weekend Camp form as soon as possible. Camp Aldersgate will contact you once the forms have been processed in order to schedule a tour of Camp and to answer any remaining questions you may have. Please Note: A complete application, including your Physician's Authorization, is necessary to secure placement in any of our programs.


All camper forms and applications may be submitted to:

Email: [email protected]

Fax: 501.225.2019

Mail: Attn: Camper Applications, 2000 Aldersgate Rd, Little Rock, AR 72205

Camp Aldersgate will place campers into slots on a first come, first served basis. For questions or clarifications, please call 501.225.1444.


Counselors and Volunteers 

Information regarding returning and new counselor and volunteer positions for the 2017 Fall Weekend Camps can be found here.